Who is Solomon Okpurukhre?

Solomon Okpurukhre is an Austrian citizen  living in Vienna who has his roots in Nigeria.

During our interview at the Embassy of Ghana, the artist talked about his works (paintings and sculptures) exhibited there, which have a focus on Art & Business.

For the artist, art has a very high value, as it is multi-layered and connective. Particular rituals of his artistic work are not crucial. For Solomon, the work routine varies daily at the time he notices his own enthusiasm and creative thinking.  The untitled paintings and sculptures, created through inspiration, are intended to provide individual visitors with independent experiences of imagination. Solomon sees this fusion as an exercise in building bridges. Art is boundless in terms of social thinking and also readily opens up friendships.

For Solomon Okpurukhre, performing art is the combination of:

„message – quality – beauty“

The message is: the created work should communicate in a direct way with the audience. This can extend to a three-dimensional plane or be limited to a two-dimensional.

The quality is shown by the flawless condition of materials, such as: Metal, glass, wood, as well as the understanding of art that is passed from generation to generation.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder: which is subjectively felt through the process of perception.

Destroy the prejudices of our world and discover the treasures of the earth and discover the potential and beauty in it.

In casu, parallel works are also in the foreground, such as the welding process of building parts. Therefore, due to his multi-layered work, two studios are necessary so as not to interfere with painting and sculpture. The music does not play a role, because it is only a pleasant accompanying aspect. The hours pass and the creativity remains with him during the action.

Material: wood and metal
The interconnection of thoughts through brainstorming

Next project: September 20 (climate change, sustainability, global warming, global pollution) ICDO event, Long Nights of Interculturalism.

Another article to follow about the activities of his agency of international artists.


homepage: www.sarto.at
instagram: solomonokpurukhere
agency: SARTO Art Agency, Vienna Biberstrasse 22 ,1010 Vienna

article: Christine Ojo

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