VIC, „Agenda Humanity 3: Arts for Peace“.

The Vienna International Center has diplomatic status and stands for the promotion of peace, security and cooperation in the world. The international center in Vienna holds conferences, meetings and events on a small and large scale. The main building, which was opened in 1979, has 17 floors.

On September 13, 2023, the vernissage with the title „Agenda Humanity 3: Arts for Peace“ was opened in the Vienna International Center. This event is an art exhibition organized by the Vienna International Club Filipino in cooperation with the VIC Art Club and the Filipino Visual Artists in Austria (FVAA).

Moderated by Maria Zelda Rojas, Consul and President of ENFID-Austria, 19 artists showed their commitment as well as gratitude with their participation. Among them, there were the main themes of the COVID-19 pandemic that started in 2019.

Raymond Nader of the Vienna Art Club Committee, chairman of the committee, spoke in his speech about the problems of the natural disasters in Morocco and Libya. He expressed special thanks to the Vienna International Club Filipino for their cooperation.

Dipl.-Ing. Regina Wiala-Zimm, responsible for International Relations, Magistrate Directorate Europe and International Affairs of the City of Vienna, mentioned that Austria’s capital is endowed with cultural richness and diversity. The emphasis in her speech was on the artistic works of this afternoon because they are an inspiration and an appreciation.

Hermann Kroiher, Director of International Affairs and Public Relations of UNCAV, Association of UN Correspondents in Vienna, stated that art is a sign of peace, tolerance and humanity, and he wishes the artists at this exhibition much success.

Josipa Palac, President and CEO of ICDO, also appreciates the cooperation and long friendship with the Philippine Society. She would like to continue supporting this society in the future.

To sum up, the overall impression of this event, in any case, shows the diversity in the field of art and its impact worldwide.

Article: Christine Ojo

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