UNICEF and Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic, famous tennis player of Serbia donates heart and work in a kindergarten.

Lesnica, a small village in Serbia is the place where the new kindergarten has been founded.
To concentrate on the youth is the best investment for the future and is therefore also enforced by UNICEF. This organisation (United Nations International Children´s Emergency Fund) seeks goodwill ambassadors like Djokovic, to put international awareness and attention to the youth of today all over the world.

Sports in early years ensures good health.
Another advantage sports brings forth are good results in school. Through the skills children gain from physical education like concentration, teamwork and leadership, sports is an important part of children to be educated in young years.

Professional advice and encouragement of the tennis player fosters the hope of the youth.

Self-confidence and body-awareness are important competences everyone needs.

Therefore UNICEF Ambassador Djokovic lets us know:

”We must enroll the potential of the youth and give them a chance to have a successful future.”
Dianna Ojo

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