Sport as tool for life

Sport as an interesting study for life.

Respect – Respect your teammates!

The respect to my older teammates, was very important for a good team climate.
As a young player I used the chance to listen to experienced players from abroad.
This composition keeps the team strong and motivated!

Discipline – Follow the rules of the group!

Time-management: to be punctual is essential and shows also respect to the coach and the teammates.
Dress-code: to have a good presentation of our jersey and suits to perform professionally.
Concentration: to be focused a whole game, and lead to success

Team spirit  – Support each other!

An essential part for team sports.
Take care of each other.

Patience – Patience is the key to success!

Patience is the key of understanding
Be patient in order to be prosperous in life.

In this international team I was  around different people from America, Slovakia, Czechia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Russia, China and more countries.

In such a group communication is diffiicult, but it is possible – If you want!
We learned to understand each other by signs, in order to have a better harmony in practice.

I have learned a lot from my mates, because, every situation good or bad, included a lesson for me to take – Thank you!
Now, at the end of my active carreer I look back and draw a line of satisfaction.


Dianna Ojo

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