Solomon – Transforming – Distance “Building Bridges”


The universal artist Solomon Okpurukhre offered on September 11 in the gallery “RG10” a unique vernissage on the theme “Building Bridges”. During his opening speech, together with Madge Gill Bukasa (director of RG10), he captivated the visitors of this evening.

In his opinion, paintings can symbolize bridges. Art is a concept that includes the strategy of communication and transmission of ideas. Paintings emphasize the ability to express feelings, thoughts and messages in a non-verbal way to cross the bridge between artists and viewers from different cultures of times.

They have the potential of connecting past and present generations and the power to evoke strong emotional responses as well as convey experiences and ideas. Paintings speak a universal language that connects people from different heritage. Words alone can often struggle to describe the various forms of bridges, and thus paintings become meaningful ambassadors of art.

Solomon Okpurukhre has understood how to pass on a good message and offer incentives for self-motivation.

The numerous audience thanked him with applause and enjoyed having personal conversations on this successful evening.

Article: Christine Ojo

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