Path Reflections – „Medias In Res – MIR“ and „LichTraum“


Path Reflections – „Medias In Res – MIR“ and „LichTraum“.

Path Reflections is a traveling exhibition based on the United Nations and its 17 Sustainaible Development Goals (SDGs) for a harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

This vernissage was created in a proven way by Sonia Siblik (LichtRaum) together with Katharina Teresidi (MIR). Both cooperate, and harmonize together with ICDO, as an ideal team to show 17 goals for sustainable development.

At the opening Konrad Rehling (GF, Südwind) spoke about the UN and its goals to improve sustainable development.

The „International Cultural Diversity Organization“ was represented by CEO Josipa Palac, who also shared important UN information with those present at the opening. A great concern was about „the long nights of interculturality“ as well as projects of past years with the focus on social issues.

This exhibition was characterized by representatives of national and international presence and their works, characterized by events: Power-Violence-Poverty-Authority. Therefore, it is difficult to precisely explore the profound thoughts of the art creators. What is unique, however, is that at the end of each work, the feelings such as profound love or oppression were reflected in the works.

The numerous and enthusiastic audience was a guarantee of success. Many other artists, but also representatives of various organizations, such as representatives of the Embassy of Mexico: Luis Javier Campuzano Piña (Embajador de México en Austria), Javier Basulto (Jefe de Canilleria y Representante Alterno) y Eduardo Uribe (Kultur Attaché y Primer Secretario), representatives of the Colombian Embassy: Diana Kecan Cervantes (Ministro Consejero), Helmut Sagmeister and many others, enriched this event with their visit.

Some artists took the time for a personal interview and so we could dive deeper into their secrets of the creation of their works. We would like to highlight individual experiences with this group of people and present them separately.

Participating artists:

ICDO (international cultural diversity organization)
Katharina Teresidi (Griechenland)
Veronika Junger (Österreich)
Azadeh Vaziri, (Iran)
Maide Aktas (Türkei)
Francisco Rubiel Osorio Faber (Österreich-Kolumbien, USA)
Carles Berruezo Domingo (Mexico)
Solomon Okpurukhre (Nigeria-Österreich)
Parizad Farzaneh (Iran)
Birgitt Schweiger (Österreich)
Elena Degenhardt (Deutschland)
Ana Maria Heigl (Österreich)
Friedrich Erhart (Österreich)
Linda Gaenszle (Deutschland)
Lubomir Hnatovic (Slowakei)
Vinzenz Schüller (Österreich)
Michael Pöltl (Österreich)

Fotos: Franz Pfügl
Article: Christine Ojo

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