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film screening “my name is happy

The film of the evening, „my name is happy“ by Nick Read and Ayşe Toprak, explored the themes of violence, resistance and social justice. The 19-year-old Mutlu Kaya had to undergo a reconstruction process of the entire organic construct’s mobility system. She sang passionately on stage and had made it very far into the live shows. Suddenly her everyday life is completely changed by her controlling ex-boyfriend/boyfriend. She was shot in the upper part of the brain.
Two guests were invited to the panel discussion to share their expertise on how violence against women can be minimized and prevented. The event was organized by the United Nations Information Service, under the direction of Martin Nesirky.

Angela Me
Chief of the Research and Trend Analysis Branch, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
“Affected women must recognize the signs of the threat of danger at an early stage in order to be able to take action in advance”.
However, these women need to realize how to deal with the situation.
Recognizing the sign is important to prevent crimes.
One way or strategy of her work is to catch answers through surveys:
There she asks countries around the world on several challenges, crime and terrorism, what they have been experienced of violence. Collecting data is just one of her tasks.

Helene Gressenbauer – Rösner:
Is the president of the organization “UN Women Austria”.
UN Women „the global champion for gender equality“ is known for its collaborating work towards human rights, gender equality, development programmes and empowering women.
Mrs. Gressenbauer- Rösner mentioned that the mindset of civil society must be sensibilized in schools and in other institutions, starting at a young age. Mrs. Gressenbauer – Rösner is also interested on the areas of political participation and ending gender based violence.

During the panel discussion Mr. Nesirky mentioned three different campaigns which work towards prevention of violence.

-UNFPA United Nations Population Fund
-the 16 days action
-orange the world

article: Christine Ojo

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