Movie “from here” – Ciné ONU

Martin Nesirky: head of moderation & Director of United Nations Information Service
Jason Theede: Senior Regional Specialist – Labour Mobility & Social Inclusion at IOM
Teclaire Ngo Tam:  Workshop coordinator and project manager at Suedwind
 Amina Kurbanova: Director of the association “Ariadne”

Discussions, statements and inputs from the evening

Jason Theede: the documentary showed us real – life difficult situations and the characters have approached these challenges with humility and a sense of humour. We should put our attention on being persistence and consistence with messaging. Jason Theede working in the office for labour migration mentioned, that we live in a globalized world. It should be questioned why some people are forst to move and what is the factual type of information. Moreover, refugees should be given a perspective and therefore their qualifications must be recognized.

 Teclaire Ngo Tam: the documentary was in her point of view interesting, and she was trying to see it from many perspectives. Her projects at organization Suedwind include the topics of „Global justice”. At her place of work she is offering vulnerable groups education by using methodology. It is a system for young adults to learn various competences and mechanisms. For example: Art is a tool to work with groups, a meeting point and a journey for participation and integration.

Amina Kurbanova: the documentary was a connection point to the people that she is working with in her office. The association ”Ariadne” is consistently trying to make a positive transformation.
People have to move because of different circumstances. She wants to help these small groups who have left or lost their home. They offer different programmes and creative art workshops. Art brings people together and builds bridges. Ms. Kurbanova said that “Art can be a way of healing, fun or connecting”. Working on art projects helps the youth to reconnect.

article: Christine Ojo

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