International Day of Zero Waste

The Permanent Mission of the Republic of Türkiye to the UN in Vienna and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime presented today their expertise on the “International Day of Zero Waste”.

The programme started with a video message, presented by First Lady Erdogan.

Ministry of Environment, Urbanisation and Climate Change of the Republic of Türkiye introduced their thoughts and ideas to todays panel discussion.

Discussion was conducted by H.E. Amb. Mr. Levent Eler, Permanent Representative of Türkiye to the UN. Many representatives of the Turkish Permanent Mission in Austria participated in the event.

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
Mr. Bo Mathiasen & Ms. Lejda Toci:

Both highlighted the importance of overcoming economic and social challenges, like forest crime and its impact on human being. “The waste export in illegal landfields, storage sides”. Waste trafficking is a high profit and low risk crime. UNODC supports member states and work together with governments and international partners to build capacity for effective waste management through training, technical assistance and knowledge sharing initiatives. It was outlined that we face industrial waste and electronic waste.

“We need actions because they are essential not only for protecting human health and the environment but also for fostering sustainable development worldwide”.

Ambassador Nelson Antonio Tabajara de Oliveira mentioned the perspective and principles on human health, especially to those who work in a field of waste management. One key element is capacity building. Especially in the role of the G20 presidency, Brazil will strictly pursue its goals.

Ambassador of Sudan Magdi Ahmed Mofadal Elnour:
Highlighted the significance of Food Security Management and its perspective. Together with international organizations, such as IAEA , FAO and UNIDO some projects have been prepared. Ambassador of Sudan mentioned the differences between “food loss and food waste” and the benefits of less food waste.
One benefit is by providing donated, untouched and safe food that would otherwise be thrown out.

Ambassador Carl Hallergard, EU Ambassador to the UN in Vienna:

„It is a growing problem and these responsibilities should not be neglected“. “SDG12 stressed the need to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns”.
It is important to come closer to these clear targets. EU waste legislation has made a major improvement in waste prevention programmes. Moreover, we should not forget the microplastics in the marine worldwide and export of waste. At the end Mr. Hallergard mentioned, the Plastic treaty 2024 which is an intergovernmental Negotiating Commitee that tries to end any kind of microplastic pollution.

article: Christine Ojo

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