ciné-onu – Discover the power of play

20th November of 2023 is a special day. It is World Children’s Day.

The initiative to support, strengthen and save every child in special circumstances. Doors are being opened to them which they have never seen before. Especially today, organisations and campaigns are working for the rights of vulnerable children.

The film screening of ciné- onu “Discover the power of play” illustrated the situation at the beginning of the war, when families had to leave their village in Syria. After walking for hours, they were finally taken to the Refugee Camp in Beirut. Maher, 13 years old, lost his father and told in the film “Play” how he re-discovered the beautiful side of life with “PLAY”.

The panellists of the evening, were moderated by Martin Nesirky (Director of United Nation Information Service):

Graham Bates: Head Coach GEPS 20 Girls and Women’s Football Club. Graham Bates promotes this football club for young girls and teenagers. Fun and diversity are the cornerstones of this club.

Christoph Jünger: Executive Director of UNICEF Austria. Mr Jünger is actively involved in helping children in need all over the world. One of his projects are development programmes such as: „They bring the school to the children“ and not the other way round. Another statement concerned the educational sector, which should be promoted. He mentioned aswell the importance of the voice of children worldwide, which should be heard more.

Andrew Cholinski: Coordinator of bring children to the snow started a project with 40 children and showed them how beautiful life is by discovering the mountains, nature and the diversity of creativity. By slowly balancing with the snowboard on the snow, they had immense joy, which could be seen on their faces.

The message of the evening:

Movie „PLAY“  has shown how children are led in new directions through new activities. At the end of the panel discussion, Andrew Cholinski asked individuals from the audience what play means to them.The respondents did not always have the same meaning.

Answer: „There is no right or wrong“ – it is more a subjective interpretation of the individuals.

Article: Christine Ojo

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