Dear readers & friends! – UN

The UN was opened after the 2nd world war and is one big institution in Vienna at the 22nd District. It is remarkable for its diversity and internationality. Worldwide people give their inspiring knowledge and input to different discussions.

Certainly you want to know more about the target of the UN. The aim is to retain a peaceful global world, to refuse crime and protect human rights.

There are approximately 20 offices which have different important terms of reference. Due to the fact that I am a student of law, I would like to mention that you will find two dissimilar libraries inside the building. One is called “International Trade Law“ and the other one “ the United Nations Information Service“. Inside the Library you can discover topics such as health, safety and environment.

If you are not a big enthusiast of books, you could be part of this following event.

It is going to be on the 27th of January 2020 at 6.30 pm at Rahlgasse 1. The movie-presentation is called “Bureau 06“ and after that movie inspiring panelists will hold up a short discussion about the most important topics.


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