Christoph Jünger – Executive Director UNICEF

Christoph Jünger was born in the western part of Austria, in Tirol. He successfully completed a business degree at the University of Innsbruck and his Master’s degree in “Business Administration” in the state of Indiana – Notre Dame.

His engagement in international projects is still enormous today. A key project in Austria was to work for a consulting firm in Vienna supporting universities in the implementation of the “University Organisation Law 2002 [UOG 2002]” between 2002 and 2004.  This success was published in a book in which he was acknowledged as co-author.

Another chapter of his career led to the SOS Children’s Villages International organization.  His international tasks and the resulting responsible challenges as „Head of International Donor Service“ and „Head of Individual Giving“ and “International Director Fund Development” confirmed his desire and passion to one day working for UNICEF.

Christoph Jünger was in the position of International Director Fund Development & Communications at „Light for the World“ organization. People in need, who have difficulty receiving eye – healthcare and/or with disabilities are offered support through at this organization in some countries in Africa.

Since 2020, he has been working at UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) the National Committee located in Vienna. UNICEF was founded in 1946 and serves the purpose of continuously improving and developing humanitarian and global measures for children and youth.

He is involved in a number of team procedures, government meetings, management strategies and financial operations on a daily basis. His work routine is often followed by other external tasks, such as: business invitations, company visits and lectures at educational institutions.

Projects of UNICEF

Kreativwettbewerb “Denk dir die Welt 2023” – Copyright: © UNICEF Österreich/Wirl Photo,  End of Year Kampagne gegen den Hunger in Afrika – Copyright © UNICEF/UNI404807/Chikondi


Child Right Schools: Improving the world for children is inextricably linked with improving schools. The Child Rights Schools programme is a ‘whole school approach’ to Child Rights Education, which embeds respect for rights throughout the school on an everyday basis. It is a way to take action. This programme takes 1-2 years and closes with a certificate.

Humanitarian aid

UNICEF is on the ground to help children and young people and their families in need in every difficult life situation. Essential supplies are organized so that people in war zones can receive medical care, food and access to water.

Development cooperation

Aim is to promote economic, social development in less developed regions of the world, to improve living standards and to combat poverty. Each country needs different support due to individual causes, based on different types of emergencies that can occur.

Hunger & Malnutrition

Children and adolescents need a safe environment and daily protection to regain nutritional balance. UNICEF is supporting the affected countries with aid packages and other measures to achieve these goals.

How can civil society make its contribution?

The clear answer of Christoph Jünger:
“Step out of  your comfortzone and take an action”.

Unicef wants to change systems for the better and to create long term changes.

Have we aroused your interest for more? UNICEF is very pleased about every small contribution you would like to donate.




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