2nd Path Reflection

Sonia Siblik and Katerina Teresidi both continuously organize various artistic events.
This time, the Red Carpet Art Award was included, which had a big contribution to the programme.

the participating artists:

Julian Jankoviv, Katerina Teresidi, Markus Sepperer, Hans Glaser, Elena Degenhardt, Michael Pöltl, Maide Aktas, Azadeh Vaziri, Solomon Okpurukhre
Friedreich Erhart, Lubomir Hnatovic, Birgit Schweiger, Linda Gaenszle, Veronika Junger, Francisco Rubiel Osorio Faber, Parizad Farzaneh & ICDO

Li Cunqing
studied maths at Yunnan University with great passion.
It was only after a few years that she discovered her passion for art. Two separate branches with different levels of effort.

Vinzenz Schüller
Vinzenz  Schüller’s upcoming exhibitions can be expected in Karlsruhe and Munich.
His skills include the illustration and visualization of the complex urbanized city.

The evening was characterized as a circular exhibition presented by the artists. An artwork associated with the construction of the SDGs.
The event offers a platform for networking and exchange from an artistic to a personal level.
The SDGs are closely interlinked and take into consideration the complex interactions between social, economic and environmental challenges.
Not only organizations are pursuing the SDGs, but also artists from all over the world showed their passion to future-development.
The global commitment to ending poverty, protecting and ensuring that all people can live peacefully and in social justice.

The evening proved to be a dynamic and creative performance by all attendants.

Katerina Teresidi and Sonia Siblik turned this evening into a sparkling moment.
Do not miss the next art-exhibitions.

For further information on the event:

photos:Christoph Radl
article:Christine Ojo

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