Fair und Sensibel

A community with flair which celebrated their work: Police and Africans, on the 17.10 in the Raiffeisen Center entitled: „ together makes secure“

The festival was full of diverse cultures, celebrities and other important people.

Politicians like Sebastian Kurz were also present, and held their speeches to show their appreciation.

A young lady was honoured, because of her videoclip, which represented the dedicated work of Fair und Sensibel in schools, at interviews, enclosed with African music.

One of the highlight acts was Ghana gospel choir, EsRap, and the self-made Fair und Sensibel song.

Based on a lot of workers who spent their time 24/7

(24 hours/7 days per week ) to make such an incredible event happen the event took place successfully.

Join the work of Fair und Sensibel or visit their events.

For more information according activities go to: http://www.fairundsensibel.at/

Dianna Ojo

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